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Xpredator X1

Aerocool Introduces The XPredator X1For those who have dreamed of owning an XPredator case but never end up getting one due to its sheer chassis size, now here is the good news: Aerocool has introduced the new XPredator X1.Dimensions of the Different Cases (H x W x D)The original XPredators – 600mm x 234mm x 555mm
The XPredator X3 – 527mm x 223mm x 533mm
The XPredator X1 – 482mm x 190mm x 475mmThe XPredator X1 is a standard midi case that comes in four colors which are Black Edition, Evil Black Edition, Devil Red Edition and White Edition. While the chassis is generally smaller and thinner than the X3 and the original XPredators, it is surprisingly capable of supporting long high-end graphic cards up to 400mm. It also has a fan controller knob on the top panel that can support up to 25W.Both X1 and X3 are designed to look “within the family” – the scale-like ventilation on the top panel can be opened and closed for better air flow regulation – its distinct feature that can be seen in all XPredators.Key Features
Solidly constructed chassis interior (0.5mm SPCC).
Supports CPU cooler max. height up to 158mm.
Supports Long VGA Cards up to 400mm.
Includes 1 x 12cm Red fan at rear and 1 x 12cm Red LED fan in front.
Top panel flaps can be opened or closed to control air flow more efficiently.
Dust filter for PSU.
Includes a fan controller knob controls fan/s up to 25W.
6 x 5 1/4” &lt 3 1/2” convertor brackets (Multi-Purpose Adaptors to install fans, HDDs and floppy/card rader) – can be used as fan adaptor, can install 3.5” HDDs and 2.5” HDDs and can be used to install floppy or card reader.
Cable Routing Management (pre-drilled holes on the MB plate).
Pre-drilled CPU holes for easy mounting and removable of CPU cooler.
2 x USB3.0 or 2 x USB2.0 and Audio/Mic ports are easily accessible from top panel.
Case Specifications
Form Factor: Midi Tower
Motherboard Support: ATX, Micro ATX
PSU Support: Standard ATX
Gaming Case: Yes
Water Cooling Ready: Yes

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